Tensing legs during masterbating

So I can only cun laying on my back and tensing my quads, I have jerked off that way for as long as I can remember, I feel as if any other position then on my back I have less sensation and can’t cum, looking for suggestions and help


This is familiar to me. I’m trying to stop that while masturbating and in sex because I feel like it is similar to the death grip syndrome for me like I’m tending up so much that it may be causing issues with my blood flow. Interested to see what others say…

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Same happens with me! I have a hard time cuming when I don’t do this quad tensing as well. Thought I was alone at this lol
Lately it was worried me a bit to think I can only cum like this, especially cause I feel like it really hurts my head and neck.

Thoughts? Suggestions?