Situational performance anxiety

Can’t penetrate the first time on some occasions (partner not fully wet) so loose erection for good.

Tbh whenever the partner wants do “something” to me I usually lose it because sure I’d definitely want that but at the same time I get pressured to not disappoint because if I get soft my partner will most likely mistake it for me not being into it etc.
Its weird.
So in short, giving pleasure is usually not an issue but whenever I’m supposed to receive pleasure my brain goes high wire and internal chaos ensues and well hits a wall.

whenever i stop to put on the condom i always lose my erection, mainly because i associate condoms with losing my erection

If I spectate I start to have doubts about the size of my penis. Even though I know my partner enjoys it, I still psych myself out and sometimes I will completely lose an election.

Yes just thinking of times before that it didn’t get hard. Letting my partner down. Me thinking about what she’s thinking. All of the above

Not sure

When a girl goes down on me or spreads her legs with the intention of me penetrating her, looking expectant

It’s not hard for me getting a erection it’s premature ejaculation. I get so anxious that I explode in seconds.

It varies all the time for me. One anxious thought that may potentially ruin the moment may not be an issue the following time we have sex. It’s a crazy emotional roller coaster where I feel like I can’t keep up with my thoughts!

When things start to become intimate. I doubt myself

My first concern is i m not getting an erection instinctively like i used too. Have to stimulate manually wich embarass me. Then if is she s on top i worry of loosing my erection and if all goes well i get a sudden orgasm that i cant stop…

Transitiong from foreplay to intercourse - act of putting the condom on and the time it takes, and the pressure to do it quickly so intercourse can begin.

When a sexual partner during the foreplay starts setting expectations like “Come on, do it, show me what you got”, it can easily kill my erection knowing that “now I have to be my best, everyone’s watching”

The transition from foreplay to penetrating, triggers me, because in the foreplay I might have an erection but then it goes down and it has been enough foreplay, so it’s like “ I should have a good erection by now” and I don’t. Also if I have an erection and I’m having sex, I can loose an erection changing positions, just in a matter of seconds, and now I focus a lot on not loosing the erection in that change of positions, but the more I focus on that the more it happens.

The moment we take our cloth off and am about to go in, that’s when it happens

I wish it was one specific thing. It is a general fear now

I just come to realize that I was having sex to get me some dopamine. It’s that short-term rewarding feeling that keeps you on a good mood. That’s why a lot of people go to drugs, food and/or sex. If I’m too anxious and have a lot on my mind, I can’t keep focus and get it up. Wearing a condom for me at the time being gives me anxiety and also for my parter, so we ditched them a long time ago as we entered in a long-term relationship. But is like that fear never went away, so I’m thinking of reintroducing condoms for the both of us so we can practice and wear them in a non stressful way as we don’t have to worry about sexual performance now that we’re intimate and sincere with each other.

Yes, changing positions or pausing for a moment makes me loose my erection, I basically need to keep it going and if I pause for any reason I will loose my erection

Heat, going down on my partner and specific smells that she has, changing positions, sometimes a sexual aggression turns me off by pressurising me to respond with an equal energy

Putting on a condom, having to stop and move to other location.