Situational performance anxiety

Not being hard from the get go, feeling anxious about my size soft and feeling inadequate if they were to touch it when soft. worrying that if they touch it and im not getting hard that they may think im not into it when i really am. and feeling like the wait is excruciatingly embarrassing and the longer it goes on whilst theyre touching/sucking it and im flaccid the closer they are to giving up and being like… lol this guy.

wow im clearly so concerned with what the other person is thinking. maybe theyre also in their heads like ’ maybe im not doing it right’ ‘does he find me attractive’

Changing positions, or any time when there is no physical penis stimulation, I will without fail go softer and then fail to regain a full erection.

In foreplay im good,but if it takes too long i start losing an erection,and it does not come back …

Undressing for sex. Prior to undressing I can feel the erection in my trousers but the moment undressing happens I switch to spectator mode, I panic and its game over.

Well I feel like I cant cum, than I spectator getting soft, and then I loose my erection

The last couple of times (the worst occasions yet) it was just starting foreplay, kissing touching etc. Just couldn’t get out of my head, couldn’t get hard.

My triggers are her reaching her hand down when I’m still not fully erect, putting on a condom, anal sex and swinging (my wife and I practice and it’s a massive pressure).

When I make the transition from foreplay to sex. Typically when it’s the missionary position. If I struggle at all to put it in initially I start to lose my erection which just further triggers me being anxious about the situation. Sometimes I can fix it in a different position but other times it ends up in failure.

Being with a new partner for the first time.

My erection killer is not having an indication from my partner of whether they’re enjoying or not oooor signaling what they would prefer (eg holding my head down during muffing)

Putting on the condom is definately a trigger for me. And if I do get it on and keep my erection any slight decrease in hardness before penetration spells game over for erection.

Putting on a condom is for sure a moment I dread.
It breaks up the flow, and I feel like all of a sudden everyone’s looking at my dick, whilst i try and wrestle a rubber. The loss in momentum makes me feel like I’ve reduced in hardness and then constantly worry I feel change position I’ll go limp.

Purely the thought of not getting an erection and disappointing my girlfriend does exactly that

I have a fetish and it’s always been a point of sexual discomfort between my partner and I. She does try it but we are both nervous about it and that tends to take me out of the mood and start to spectator. Then when we transition to sex I lose my erection.

When my penis enter the vigina then I enjaculate immediately, sometimes is after one or two push then game over for me.

I usually have to receive oral to go from soft to hard. Once I put on the condom, it feels like the pressure is on for me to keep my binder up, otherwise I have this fear that it will have to take off the condom and find a way to get hard again. I guess part of the fear is the embarrassment of having to tell the girl that I need her to blow me again for me to get hard.

When me and my partner get to the point where I should be aroused enough to cum, the pressure to ejaculate is a boner killer for me. And I know he’s waiting for me to cum first.

Especially when my partner is checking out all the time if I have an erection. As soon as we start making love, he takes my penis in his hand to feel if it’s hard. When it’s not hard, he looks disappointed and does not play with it.

At the beginning of foreplay, I always start to wonder if my dick is big enough to pleasure and make my partner cum!

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Spectating is probably the biggest for me. And if it doesn’t go well, that seed of doubt starts to grow more