Situational performance anxiety

Condoms for sure. Since I’m always in my head of pleasuring my partner, if I notice anything like her being absolutely silent, or if she reacts adversely to anything makes me panic and immediately loose an erection.

First time with a new partner, condom time, the moment of penetration.

Yes. When my partner and I become naked.

Putting it in and putting on the condom

Changing positions. That’s my big one. It sucks too because we love experimenting, but I feel like we can’t change often during sex. So usually 1 position per session, unless it’s one that’s easy to switch without pulling out and we make it 2. I also have a really hard time getting myself hard. Takes forever so I don’t even masturbate anymore. My gf can get me hard just by rubbing it for 5 seconds. Not losing it is the hard part

Condoms, being urged to put it in, outdoors, short foreplay

Worrying that a roommate will hear the sex, switching to a position I’m not as comfortable in

Recently when I change positions I lose my erection. So now, I worry about that before sex and it’s one of the things that makes me worried I won’t be able to get or keep it up.

Pressure to perform foreplay

I never know if I’m hard enough for penetration as the first time I ever tried didn’t go well. Now I’m always worried if I’m hard enough so never try for penetration as it usually kills my mood. These thoughts occur when the focus is me rather than her. When I’m doing something to please her I ignore my erection but when she is pleading me or we start to move towards penetration I focus on my erection a lot and it may go soft

Time Deadline or interruption from children

Whenever I move on from foreplay I start spectating and there is a sort of panic that takes over my mind. Everything can go great, but if there is even a moment where I focus on something other than pleasure (for example, to put on a condom or take off my clothes), my mind gets cluttered.

Fear that my partner won’t like me or that I don’t turn him on when I can’t get hard.
Be able to see my husband hard and ready to go and I’m not.

Application of condom, changes in position

I get stressed when I think I have to do it, when I think I have to put on a condom that I’m about to have sex makes my penis go soft.
even when the foreplay starts, all i can think about is that it’s going to be sex and i can’t handle it

Trying to penetrate is an instant killer if I don’t get it right right always it’s game over

It really boils down to worrying about getting it up, then keeping it up

When my Fiancee touches me around my penis area. I become focused on showing her that I am going to get hard. Also when we are grinding on each other.

When I know I have to penitrate I feel anxious about it staying hard. Also nowadays when I get completetely naked I get the thoughts of me being not hard enough and that I will now struggle to get a hard on.

If im not hard at all and she pulls my pants down to start sucking my dick thats when I get in my head and start spectatoring. Or if she’s just waiting for me to get hard to fuck her theres a lot of pressure