Sildenafil didn't work...iIdeas?

I tried Sildenafil, for the first time, and it didn’t work. I split a 20 mg tablet and took half about 5 hours ahead of sex and the other half 30 mins ahead. I did get a semi-firm erection, but then lost it when I got distracted/stuck in my head. I’m definitely dealing with an anxiety issue.
I did have a beer with dinner (a couple of hours ahead of sex). I thought 20 mg was kinda the max dose, but I’ve seen posts about higher dosage. Do you think a single beer made a difference? Or, would it be best to try a higher dose?

Here’s my experience with Sildenafil; I had to experiment a few times with different timings to get it right but I’ve found that taking 20mg 90-60 minutes before sex is perfect. I don’t split the pills. Just bear in mind that food and alcohol will delay the effect so I find it’s best on an empty stomach. You can take more than 20mg if your doctor tells you it’s ok

Thanks for sharing your experience… it’s super helpful to hear what you learned from your experiment.

I tried, again, with 20 mg without any alcohol and about an hour+ in advance and it worked great! This has been my first time dealing with erection dysfunction, and it’s in a brand new relationship, and I was dealing with the “what if it happens again” spiral. So it was a super big deal, to me, to be able to get past the erection issue and restore some confidence. My girlfriend has been incredibly understanding and supportive, which I am SO grateful for (and said so)!