Shutting my voice out

I have been on the program for four days. One of the most helpful statements I heard was that it was perfectly normal to go from hard to less hard during sex! That has helped me a lot.
The second thing I now do to get my voice to STFU (shut the F up) is to talk dirty to my GF during sex - she likes it, and as we men are known not to be able to multi-task, screwing and talking dirty at the same time certainly shuts the voice out, the 4 x 4 breathing helps too, especially if you incorporate some heavy breathing or grunting during the out-breath/in breath. It seems to turn my GF on, too!


can i ask when in the moment do you apply the 4x4 breathing and deep breathing? glad to hear it’s working lad


It’s great to hear that the tips are helpful, and thanks to this post you made me realise that I used to talk dirty to my past GF were we had loads of good time together, and know I see why.

It’s quite interesting that I came across your post now since I started dating one chick and I noticed that I am overthinking already. I think it’s time for some dirty talk!!