Should I masturbate

So with this ED and lack of arousal which I think it’s strictly a mental thing, should I masturbate when I do feel arousal? Or should I wait till it’s fully hard? I do think excessive porn is a thing as well which I am currently not using for the last week or two. The meditation seems to have helped me as well.

I’ve been off porn and still masturbating to fantasy frequently. Whether I start masturbating when semi-aroused or flaccid but ‘in the mood’, I make sure to go slowly and get myself fully hard before I finish. Making sure I know what I like and how I could communicate this to a partner is important to me going forward.

For my personally the lack of arousal (or full erections) is only around partners so I know it is a mental thing.

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I thought the same thing but since I’ve struggled staying hard with my date of 4 months…. Trying to masturbate at home alone isn’t as good. I get hard but it’s not long and I feel in my head at all times. What’s weird is I got with a woman I wasn’t as attracted to…. Still nervous and I got really hard.

Another curve in my life to masterbate. I really enjoy jacking my dick with a big dick in my ass pussy. During this performance I love to be watched.