Sensate exercise makes me cry?

I’m not sure what to think or do about this, but when doing the self-sensate exercise, I almost immediately want to burst into tears.

Is this something anyone else has experienced? I can’t put my finger on what it is that causes it, but it just feels odd.


I have that same experience with a different exercise. My therapist said to really focus on this emotional issue. This is where you and I need to dig deeper and find the shit thats blocking us. We found our issue! Now we have to overcome it. Good luck.


I haven’t tried any sensate exercises by myself but recently tried Phase 1 with my wife. I thoroughly enjoyed it in the moment but had some very uncomfortable emotional responses afterward. As the previous commenter noted, there are some mental and emotional layers that many of us need to work through. But that’s the work we need to do! I know I won’t reach my goals without some discomfort and finding healthy ways to cope. Wishing you success.

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How did you go about finding what that was? I feel quite lost.

I think it’s important not to resist those tears - let them out and flow. Try to avoid any masculine BS about not crying here - let them flow. / I find otherwise you think about the resistance to the tears and can’t notice the emotions and thoughts at the time. The emotions could be negative or positive - once you can feel them it all may go away. You don’t nescessarilu need to dig further - see what arises.

The tears may not come once you stop the resistance.

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I have procrastinated about doing the Sensate exercises because of the very same issues.