Seeking Advice on Post-COVID ED - Any Shared Experiences or Solutions?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been grappling with what seems to be post-COVID erectile dysfunction for approximately 2.5 years. This issue arose immediately after my first COVID infection, without any gradual onset. Despite occasional erections, they lack consistency in firmness and duration. I’m 39, single, in excellent health, and engage in sports 5-6 times a week.

Initially, I didn’t associate it with COVID, but after reviewing studies and the timeline, I started to make a connection. Despite various tests, including blood tests showing no hormonal issues, an okay doppler result, and normal neurological tests, the cause remains unclear. Some urologists suspect microvein damage or blood flow problems, but confirmation is elusive. After three PRP (P-shot) sessions without significant improvement, I’m now considering advanced stem cell treatments, though the location is undecided (if anybody has recommandations)

I’ve noticed a decline in hardness during masturbation (needing to force myself to masturbate to get the penis engaged), occasionally even forcing sexual intercourse to assess erections. Morning erections are infrequent, especially without Cialis. While PDE5 inhibitors sometimes help, they’re not consistently effective. Undoubtedly, these challenges have impacted my libido, even though I have plentiful opportunities with women, and most importantly making it particularly challenging to pursue a long-term relationship. I’m also using Mojo alongside, addressing the psychological aspect of ED, which, in my opinion is a constant presence in ED, just at different levels (I am pretty sure my cause is more physical, but wanting to explore all fronts)

If anyone has faced similar issues or found solutions, I’d appreciate hearing about your experiences and any advice you may have.

Thank you.

Hi there,

I can only speak from the experience of having had Long Covid and ongoing ED on separate timelines so it’s not ED caused by covid in my case.

My experience of LC and my recovery from it really encouraged me to take care of my nervous system as the number one priority. Being stuck in ‘fight-or-flight’ after a virus is not uncommon, fatigue was my main symptom.

As we learn on Mojo, being stuck in ‘fight-or-flight’ will also bring on ED, and clearly these psychological and physiological effects are one and the same.

I’ve not really got any specific advice apart from the Mojo app. Maybe look into NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and its connection to the nervous system. Maybe a traditional Chinese acupuncturist if you’re open to such things. Perhaps add mindfulness meditation to your daily routine.

If there’s a medical silver bullet, great. If not, you’ll get there brother! Self-compassion and consistency

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How are your Testosterone and Estrogen levels? It’s not uncommon these days for men’s levels to drop significantly as we age, more than they did in past populations and especially after long illnesses. I started Testosterone Replacement Therapy and had significant impact on erection quality. Mind you ED has been a lifelong thing for me so it’s not a panacea but it sure helped my attitude and hopefulness.

Good luck and hope you continue to feel more like your old self!