Relaxed masturbation next to lady

So today, I was doing my daily Mojo exercises and happened to be chilling in bed with my wife. She knows I’m doing this app and supports me. So I told her hey, I’m going to be touching myself with a guided meditation, just a heads up. She kept doing her thing, watching a show while I put on my headphones and did the guided masturbation exercise. To be honest, alone I can get hard thinking of her but lying next to her it’s more difficult. I keep thinking of those times recently when she was horny and I couldn’t get hard, and it stresses me out. But I could feel her support — she held my hand, I touched her butt and legs while I masturbated with the other hand. This was awkward because obviously we would both rather be having sex, but it’s helping so much with my anxiety to do this. I didn’t cum and wasn’t trying to, I just was happy I could get hard and enjoy the sensations according to the exercise. It makes me feel accepted and supported to do this with my wife. and I know we’ll be having great sex again soon.