Reaching back out

So I’m a 23 y/o guy, have been talking to this girl for a couple years and going on one off dates w her every once in a while that never got more serious bc I’m only around for like 2-3 months in the summer and work full time outside of that and she has like 3 jobs so we’re both busy and not in the same place much.
A while back she texted me that she was housesitting alone and invited me over. We watched a movie, made out (which went really well) then my inner critic got to me and you can imagine the rest lmao
Since then I reached out to her once asking if she wanted to come over and finish what we started and she had a birthday dinner or whatever and we had a kinda dry conversation that ended w her leaving me on opened (but she did send a snap where she defo made a point to get her tits in the shot and was propping them up w her arms). Then I hit her up again the next weekend to ask her to come over and I’ve been on delivered for like 2 weeks
If she was a random hu I’d wave the white flag and move on but we had been friends for a while and she’s clearly been into me for multiple years. I wanna reach back out but idrk what to say. Was thinking ab asking her what the deal w her giving me the cold shoulder but we both kinda know…
she also avoided me all lest summer despite flirting constantly and I think it was bc she put on a lot of weight. She’s slimmer now (and honestly looks way better than when I met her and she was super skinny) but I feel like I might’ve made her super insecure which may be why she’s not responding to me

I’m pretty confident I wanna reach out again and give it another go but have no idea how to approach this convo

Chat GPT is the answer, practice with it for different scenarios, and embrace the advantages of AI.

Maybe just say, I have something important to talk with you about? and say no more. Women are curious, so use that to get a date in person. After that, a direct approach into what happened could be ideal. Let her know it is not her fault and you are working on it.

Good luck.