Put me on some game

Need some ideas or suggestions to spice things up in bed. Me and my lady have good sex, but when we travel and have that hotel room i go crazy and i fuck even better. I guess what im looking for from some of you people, whats somethings that i can incorporate to our hotel sex. Ive used oil and it gets me even more aroused, ill eat ass w the oil on her. But whats some more stuff i can experiment?

Bro they got this shit on adam and eve or pink cherry I can’t remember which, its like a little wand and its super powerful. If your lady uses that on her while your fucking she will go crazy.


Fire ima look it up, i was just on that earlier that got this liquid thing u put on her clit its supposed to make it more sensitive. We boutta go on a trip so ima pick some up. Preciate it big dawg

Thanks dudes i needed this too