Prone masturbation

I used to prone masturbate and now I can’t last long in bed or masturbating. Do they link??

Hey, we don’t currently have a course for this, but we will include your anonymous question in our Ask an Expert Live session on 28 July at 6pm (BST). This session is run by Silva Neves, a world-renowned Psychosexual Therapist. You can find this session in your events.

We’ll also share the answer in this thread for you, in case you can’t make it on the day. We would also recommend taking a look at our “Porn” course. This will talk you through a technique called “Mindful Masturbation” which will help you reconnect with your body and stop you from relying on your current habits and techniques.Let us know how you get on.

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Hey Rob. I’m also experiencing this same issue. Can you elaborate on what the expert said about this or let me know if this can come up in a future ask the expert?

Hey there. Unfortunately, Silva Neves is away this month - but I will be asking the question to him when he is back in September. We will record his answer and share the video here :slight_smile:

I am curious on this too thx
Thats how i masterbated as a kid

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem it’s definitely difficult to stop masturbating this way

I am not sure what the link is to ED but maybe prone masterbating leads to damaging the penis nerves/muscles bc you are pressing hard against the floor - if anyone has read science on this i would be curious

Hi Rob,

Very curious about this as well.

Prone masturbation is something that I think could have contributed to a small injury I discovered, then lots of panic and consequent ED. I had no idea that the practice is slightly unusual until I began to google after my problems began. It seems there is one Indian specialist called ‘Sank’, I believe who is convinced it is harmful, however his views are disputed by other specialists. Sank’s views centre around the idea that prone masturbation can lead to an end situation where men can only achieve orgasm in this way. This is not the concern being raised on this thread.

So I’d be really grateful to know whether

-it is actually that unusual?
-whether it is worse than any other type of masturbation?
-whether it puts any pressure on the penis that isn’t a normal part of sex?

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late response! We’ve just released a brand new blog post all about prone masturbation.

You can read it here: Prone Masturbation | Blog | Mojo

We hope that you find this useful :slight_smile: