Progress with Mojo, but some old habits back

I’m with Mojo for several weeks and experienced improvement in sex life with my wife. Last several times we had sex were like I’m in my early 20s (I’m 42).
However, the very last time I was not able to finish and caught myself on multiple attempts of watching porn in my head. Pictures and scenes were galloping and that probably took some of my “stay in present moment with your partner” attitude. I didn’t get soft (as before in yhat situation), but also couldn’t cum.
So I started to understand that “porn carusel” may be one of the old habits which prevented me from having good sex and niw it’s back. Does anybody else have this problem? How do you guys turn it off?


If you’re imaging porn while being intimate with another person then this may be a sign you’re watching too much. But one way you could fight it while in the moment is to engage your brain more in what you’re currently doing. Change positions, talk dirty, grab a boob, whatever to keep you more engaged in what you’re currently doing.