Premature ejaculation with some discomfort

I’ve been struggling recently with my new partner with finishing too quickly, I’m able to go for another 2 / 3 rounds pretty much straight after but finish very quickly each time.

I also get a significant tingling feeling in my prostate area when aroused, the more intense the tingle the quicker I usually finish. Sometimes there is an ache / dull pain also.

I’ve also had one testicle retracting fairly regularly especially when aroused which is a new thing also….

Anyone know if these could be linked or got any insights?

Thanks in advance!

I cum too quickly too. For me it’s anxiety I think. Like I don’t wanna get soft. And I don’t want to cum but I can’t help shoot a load after a few minutes.

I hear edging while wanking helps. Makes u learn to control it better. But I don’t have time to wank often so it’s a quick tug. I guess my dick is used to Cummings quick as I’m in a rush