PA, dating as an older guy and medical issues that hinder

Hello to all. I’m brand new to Mojo and hoping to find some answers and assistance.
I’m an 50 M new to the dating scene and have been finding some very nerve wracking and some what traumatic experiences.
I have been suffering very debilitating PA leading to no erection. This is obviously horrifying when trying to impress anew lady. I am now seeing a fantastic lady whom I see we will probably engage in sex soon, I am very concerned. I have taken great relief in reading some chats here about being open and honest from the get go. Also how best to word it.
Now quick background, I have a dad bod, nothing terrible just normal, this leads to insecurities around the perceived size of my penis which is a massive worry to me.
I have had high blood pressure for a long time, I have been on antidepressants for many years and to top it all off I’ve had high cholesterol for many years. All of these issues are being controlled via medication and have been for a long time. With all that being said I am actually still generally attractive, out going and am reasonable successful. I have a lot still to offer.
Guys, I’m not sure how many older men there are here but any advise will be greatly appreciated.

@missing-bronze-canid Hey now I’m 53 and I never think of myself as “older” so be careful how you sling that term around lol. I think of myself as “aging” but definitely never old or older.

Health issues aside it sounds like the inner critic is really pounding at you. Take it one day at a time and keep countering the negative thoughts with “fact checks” and reasonable reframing. There is hope brother. Hang in there!

Thanks a heap. Other than the bedroom issue TBH I’m having a bloody great time and now at the point I’m life I just do what I want and enjoy it. Pity I have this hanging over my head because I still think I’m mid 30’s.
Thanks for the support

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I agree with @curious-magenta-hoverfly, I just turning 45 and like to think of myself like wine, better with age. Also, the inner critic can be a real problem in the bedroom. I know anxiety can affect my erection. What has helped me is communicating with my partners and often focusing on their pleasure in the bedroom. Usually they are ok with this! Plus starting a relationship with good communication starts things off in such a fun healthy way! Also, working with a counselor has helped me tremendously in so many ways especially with my innner critic. Good luck @missing-bronze-canid!

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