On hormone therapy and feeling out off sorts

I’m 45 with a vasectomy that I am planning on reversing if this fertility stuff goes well. Here’s the thing…no libido

I’m on Clomid and Anastrazol to bring up FSH/Lh/Free T and reduce estrogen. But I’m having real problems with arousal and delayed climax. Like I go 25:1 on orgasms at best.

My recent partner (2 months, lots of sex, 34 y/o) caught up with me as I was starting all this stuff. I want to be able to offer a partner the option for children but ever since I went off the exogenous T, I feel like I’m just not into it.

Is this common, hormones notwithstanding?

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If you are taking clomid (not enclophamine), you can have issues with libido.

I’m in the same boat. I just had my 3rd reversal. Had to get off T for the last two and everything was just fine. This time, I’m like in a place I’ve never been. I want to have sex but I have no desire in part because I’m having issues, so I want to avoid it altogether. I don’t enjoy sex at all right now. I feel pressured to perform and my body/mind is not cooperating. It’s really frustrating and I feel very defeated, embarrassed and humiliated. It’s all I can think about when having sex with my wife used to be all I could think about.