Not Sure About This

Gay man here. Just starting out on this program because of ED, body image issues, and PE. But I’m honestly not so convinced this app and these programs are even designed for me. Forgive me but this all feels so hetero. And the course work just reminds me of how vastly different the sex culture is between straight people and gay people. It just feels very purist. Don’t watch porn! And only touch yourself like this! Build connection so you can find deep meaningful intimacy and create a family! What if I just want to be sexually liberated and have sex with whoever whenever and not worry about performance and just feel free. Where’s the program for that?

The program is designed to help you reconnect with your penis. Or rather more specifically the sensations associated with it so you can stop worrying. So you can get out of your head when trying to get an erection.

The app doesn’t really feel like it’s dessigned for any orientation in particular I feel like it’s just about getting boners and helping anxiety but maybe I’m just not noticing it.

Either way, try the program and hopefully you’ll see results :slight_smile:


LGBT here as well. Not done through the program yet either and it still didn’t have much effect on me. But the courses are not designed to straight people
Either. It’s always about the partner and ourselves. So
I think it works in any sexual case.

LGBT+ here as well. I don’t think this program is specific to any sexual orientation, you have to find a way to make it work for you. I do notice slight improvements, I feel a bit more relaxed when I think about sex and I started getting boners when relaxed and by doing some of the sensory excercises. I also got aroused and jerked off a few times, which in my case is an improvement since I wasn’t able to masturbate without porn. Just put your mind and faith into it and it might as well work. Still reluctant but Im gonna keep going.

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