Not able to penetrate

When I ever get an erection I Am not able to penetrate my gf…. We are both virgins do any of you have any sepcial reccomendation?

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Make sure she is also ready, although it’s not as obvious as an erection, women definitely get aroused and that makes penetration a LOT easier. Try to focus on her for a little while and encourage her to tell you what feels best for her.


In college, I had a girlfriend that I couldn’t penetrate. If I had known then what I know now, I would have eaten her pussy until it was dripping wet. Buy the book “She Comes First “ on Amazon. Bon Appetite!


This right here.
Dr Kerner knows his way around the forbidden fruit

It can take a bit of time for it all to work. Can you talk to your gf about the situation. It would be helpful if you can do this, decide not to rush things, lots of sensual touching. Also use lots of lube. Can she manage to insert her own finger? She may well be feeling tense in her body. Try and have fun without penetration, use your fingers (with lube) if that is ok and make sure you both try and stay relaxed. Mojo will also help you at this stage, understanding your own arousal and anxieties. Keep it fun! Good luck.