No more after glow

People talk about “sage vision” or “post nut clarity” where after climaxing you feel a brief sense of lasting euphoria. I remember feeling this very strongly when I was young up into my early 20s (I’m 30 now). Now it’s just cum and done. I feel disappointed because the funs over too fast. There is no lasting fuzzy feeling like there used to be.
I’ve gone through phases in my life where ive masturbated a lot (daily to twice daily) and some phases where I’ve gone weeks between sessions so it doesn’t seem to correlate to how often I cum.

Has anyone experienced this loss and got the sensation back?

Yes, as I’ve got older (now late 40s) its more noticeable… sometimes i can still have body ripping O and then the afterglow. But it’s definitely diminished. I’ve tried some kegels to tone things up a bit, that helps. How old are you?

Sorry you said 30s…might be age related?