My inner critic sounds too logical too me

As a (34 yrs old) 5’5 Asian, PE plus penis size has always been an issue for me. Barely reaching 5inches, and lasting 1-3 mins during sex (heavy masturbater) were a challenge for me. I have experienced a normal sex life before but I didnt always perform well, but could get into 10-15 mins of penetration. after losing my girlfriend to another guy my confidence was so low that of the 8/10 times I’ve found casual sex I came within 1 minute of penetration. Subsequently after this decline in performance, I met a girl in Japan (5 months ago) I had sex with her around 26 times, only 3 times we’re successful in not ending in PE, I felt like it led to her leaving me as well. I believe the main culprit is over masturbation.
I know there’s a lot of other factors, but will changing from a sedimentary lifestyle to an active one, quitting smoking (weed and vape) and porn, eating healthier, and meditation really be enough for me to get back to a normal sex life or do I need to do TRT? If it is enough, when do I begin matsubration again?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. (That coming from someone who is slowly learning not to be so hard on himself). I am currently trying to “reboot” as suggested by my therapist after about 5-6 sessions together discussing my sexual dysfunction. Apparently stopping porn, which has been a problem for me for years, and masturbation for about 30 days restores natural sexual desires and functions. You might give it a try. I will say that it has been very difficult so far.

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So i have had some problems with porn in the past to but i can tell you this. For me it played a significant role in my sexual disfunction, like crazy. It took me about a year with ups and downs in erectile function. But it was worth it. Now i’m able to get an erection just with thoughts, (not thoughts about porn scenes ofcourse) and touch.

I still masturbate, just not with porn. It takes quite a while to get used to it but after a while you are able to get it up and cum just with whats going on in your mind.

Go for it! I’m wish you the best with all my heart brother.


Thanks for your insight, gives me hope, I know once i “feel normal” everything will be ok but as I’ve read everything is different for everyone I kinda just need the assurance my problems are fixable by myself

I would also suggest doing the sensate work (solo) from mojo. It has transformed my masturbation and desire for porn now is practically nil - my more sensual jerk off, and taking my time with it, is simply amazingly more satisfying than porn distracted version I can hardly express it in words.

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