More and ladting

Doe’sanybody know of a pills or anything to make dick bigger

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Why are u here and looking for short term solution at the same time

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Who said anything about short terms if you didn’t know then don’t write

Hello, AHP here.
Pilot is a pretty good website to use, they seem quite knowledgeable and safe with their advice and medication they provide.

I do agree with the user “known” that it’s a short term solution though, if the issue you’re facing is psychological or emotional then it’s best to work on resolving those issues rather than utilising medication.

Sorry, I just read your post again.
If you’re looking for a size increase rather than ED issues, there’s not a lot that can be safely done. The size you grow into is the size you are, there’s nothing safe about pills or anything that can modify your body to that extent. Surgery is a possible option? But I’m sure you’d have to have a genuine medical reason for such a complex procedure.

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Yeah I think truly the best thing is to learn to be comfortable with how you are. If you’ve had negative experiences (hurtful comments, lost relationships etc) from some sense of being “too small” this does rest with the other person and not you - some support from therapy or similar may help to manage the negative emotional side of any such experiences.


I found that the pelvic floor exercises made me noticeably larger. It may just be the posture or hardness but it makes a difference for sure.