Masturbation Techniques

What are some masturbation techniques that would be more arousing and what is more pleasurable
From from 1 to 10 being the best what do you rate them or what would you recommend ?:smile:

Masterbating in a handstand 7/10
Masterbating while holding a katana 8.2/10
Masterbating in a wardrobe 2/10
Masterbating in the ocean in December 1.4/10
Masterbating with non dominant hand 3.5/10
Masterbating while smoking a joint and eating a meat lovers pizza 9.7/10


:sob::sob::sob::sob: I can’t believe this. Thanks this made my day

Using a fleshlight is great, and you can use it hands-free if you wedge it under a pillow or something. As well as the close to real feeling of it, using it hands-free gives you the opportunity to focus on all the sensations of masturbating as you’re not having to put any focus on what you’re doing with your hands.

Thanks for this information and taking time out of your day or night to reply I have never had one but I will try it out ang get one so thanks :innocent: