Light at the end of the tunnel

I have been in this program for 2 weeks. Been doing the work daily.

Background. My wife is the woman of my dreams. She is also the second person I have had sex with. The first was my first wife of 19 years.

For the past 5-7 years, if not more, I have had an issue with ED that had gotten progressively worse. You could feel the effect on our relationship. We both knew it, but she was kind enough to not make it a big deal and give me time to work through it. She had her own menopause going on, but it came to a head about a month ago, which is why I signed up for Mojo.

The exercises here gave me more confidence, and I wanted to try out what I have learned, but I was also scared. So I told my wife I just wanted to make a cheese and meat tray for her. She agreed. All day yesterday I was thinking of it, and I could see where my inner critic would start looking for places to get a thought to take hold. I used breathing exercises and mindfulness to acknowledge those thoughts, but to otherwise move on. I could see where I started having more control. I could control the negative talk, the inner critic.

I made the meat and cheese trays and we had a nice evening, just talking and being together, no phones, no TV. After awhile we started kissing and I stayed out of my head, focusing on her touch whenever I started thinking too much.

It worked. I still had negative thoughts, but I could turn them away. I didn’t even think about my success as it was happening, I just stayed in the moment.

It helps to build my confidence. I think it also helped to build her confidence in me.

There is a lot of work to get back to where I want to feel, where I want to be. But I can see that it is helping.


That’s so good to hear! I have been feeling pretty bad but your story gives me hope.


It’s encouraging that the exercises have worked for you and I wish you every success with your goals into the future.


Your story inspires me that it’s possible. Thank you.

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I hope I can reach this level of success

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