Kegel without ab activation?

I can conduct the levels pretty successfully. But I can’t activate only below without also firing my upper abs. Doesn’t matter how hard I try to isolate I just can’t do it. Does it matter? Any thoughts?


I have the same issue my abs always flex as well I am having a lot of trouble isolating the pelvic floor muscles! However I just started and perhaps with weeks and months of consistency we will get a better mind muscle connection.

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Not so much with abs for me, I’m more worried about activating my sphincter in conjunction. I think I’m getting better. It feels like trying to lift your ring finger without lifting your pinky.

Try to fart, that will push the penis from Behind (don’t really fart but pressure on your buthole…not too much but just to send the force in the below region)
Put one finger between legs to see muscles go down when you release the pressure


I started the reverse kegals excerise today and found the same thing. Definitely found putting hand or fingers between the balls and butt helped. Found I could relax my abs after I put downward pressure on, but not without the abs tensing first up. Standing was easier than sitting. I did see a post about doing them in different positions yesterday and this now makes sense.
I figured it will get easier over time with the mind muscle connection getting better.
I had to turn off distractions too (tv) to keep my mind focused. That really highlighted to me how much I am in my mind or not present/focused on other things in life.