Just a Parasympathetic breathing question

I’ve heard of this breathing technique before, but never really tried it. My main question is on how strict the 4 in, 4 hold system is. I do just fine when I’m watching the video or have the follow- along video up, but without those I feel myself holding for 5-6 seconds or breathing in for a second too long or short. I guess the question I’m trying to ask is it more the principle of the practice or is it the timing of the breaths that gets results?

I think consistency is key, so if you want to hold your breath a little longer or shorter, just change accordingly. But keep it consistent, it’s about regulation, a chaotic in and out will not relax the mind

Nothing magic about 4s - n my mindfulness app it’s 6 and some would argue that exhale longer than the inhale - it’s deep relaxed rhythmic belly moving breathes I think we’re aiming for

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I’ve been practicing meditation techniques for a while and regularity of breaths is more important than duration. 4 seconds is just easy because boxes have 4 sides. As long as the breaths and holds are relatively even that’s what’s gonna matter most. Personally I do 5 seconds on mine. For a true test though, try doing a 4 second box breath and then see how relaxed you feel and then a different time try a 5-6 second box breath and compare those feelings of being relaxed

Thank you all for replying, you’ve all given me some things to consider and I appreciate that more than words on a screen can express.