Into a negative spiral

So I’m 41, married with a great kid who has ASD which makes life challenging. I’m also overweight and have high blood pressure and I’m trying to get those things over control.

I love my wife and I really fancy her, but I’ve been really struggling to stay hard recently. We’re trying for a another child so obviously there’s a climax requirement and I’ve had performance anxiety, but lately it is spreading to sex even when it isn’t a fertile day.

My confidence is plummeting, my wife thinks (wrongly, but I get it) that it is about her or us, not me, and of course, no baby if I don’t get on with getting this under control.

I can get healthier, but I need to get out of my head and get back to just enjoying sex and not criticizing myself or worrying about cumming.

So far loving this app and hoping it will help me.