Increasing penis Size

Is it possible to increase the size of my COCK? I think it’s crazy how some men have 10INCH - FOOT LONG PENIS

Angion method on reddit

Your welcome

Penis sleeve lol look it up

Before going down the road of working on your penis size, there’s two things I’d recommend first:

  1. Researching what women prefer in terms of penis size. You’ll quickly find that most women report preferring sizes significantly smaller than the 10 inches you’re mentioning. Also in one study, “when asking women whether penis size mattered, one study found that 77% described penis size as unimportant”

  2. Researching what the average size is – which again is a lot smaller than most men realize (possibly because porn exaggerates what normal is).


Wanting a schlong may be putting unwanted additional pressure on you. I’m dealing with that now. The crazy thing is my wife would rather have my girth than additional length. Like you I thought it would be kool to have a massive schlong but it started to psych myself into thinking I wasn’t good enough and that she really wanted it bigger, but the reality is the opposite. It was really a fantasy on my part not hers.

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