I'm autistic, my wife is not- need advice and improve the intimacy

I am in a neurodiverse marriage. I love her deeply, sex for me has been satisfying when we do, prior to diagnosis, I made some mistakes (laughing at inappropriate times etc during sex - she misinterpreted this and is self conscious). How can I show her my vulnerabilities and bring the sex out of the bed - boring and low intimacy?


I think by coming onto Mojo you have made a great start. Have you shared with her you are looking for help with Mojo? This might be very helpful for her to know that you want to improve things? Communication will be important, perhaps a couples therapist who is used to working with neurodivergency might help you have some of the conversations and give you both a chance to work on improving things.

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There is nothing locally, therapy wise and

Our availability with two young kids is poor. I have just started a few days ago with mojo but will tell her. she wants me to show more initiative but she doesn’t want me to treat her gently, I have a hard time not treating her as precious to me. I need to discover where the lines of good sex is