If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

I have not tried it

Love meditation. Hadn’t considered it could help with this.

I meditate often to help with severe anxiety, it does wonders for me

im about 2 weeks into meditating, i can see my focus improving and my mental state sharpening. curious to keep going!

I’m hoping for stress relief from the inner critic and my jealous/skeptical mind

I’ve meditated loads in the past, I didn’t think it could help in this context, but it makes sense, and it has helped me already.

I’m hoping that meditation can help me be aware of my thoughts and quiet them, and be calm when I feel stressed about performing.

I am hopeful that meditation will allow me to relax, allow me to suppress and/or control negative thoughts, allow me to stay calm when being stressed about performance in every aspect of my daily life, have a more positive outlook in everything I do including my sex life. Help me get out of this vicious circle I seem stuck in.

A way to identify when I’m getting carried away with everyday worries and stresses and to stop it in its tracks.

Would love to learn to control the racing thoughts

I want meditation to help me stay more calm and relaxed in my own body. I want to be in tune with what’s happening so I can enjoy things more.

To help me stay focused on what I feel I enjoy and keep going