If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

I hope it helps me stay in the moment and not worry about if I’m hard or not

It helps increase my focus, and I feel at peace just taking deep breaths

Up for trying anything. Have used mindfulness in the past but not regularly

I want to be less stressed (in general and in the bedroom) and be able to regulate my thoughts to prevent them from dictating my body.

Hoping it is useful to be able to perform during sex without going soft and control the inner critic.

the box breath technique is a form of meditation imo and i could feel the beneficial effects, both psychologically and physically, immediately afterward

Better control over catastrophising

A way to manage stress and something i can work into a routine

Couldn’t get it

To some extend, but I didn’t practice on a long termn

I I’ve only tried it once, it was ok. I’m hoping it will help me focus and get rid of anxiety in bed.

On and off. What I observed was meditation just slows time. In the sense that it actually reduces stress and our reaction to a more pleasant and calmer way.

I am hoping it helps silence the inner critic and allows me to clear my mind

Honestly, I’m hoping that it helps with inpulse control. Specifically that it helps me last linger after penetration.

Silence the inner critic and relax my mind

I’ve tried it a little, just really hoping to help relax my mind and silence the inner critic.

I used to meditate a lot for different reasons and it always helped me, I just fall out of the habit sometimes m

Yes I’ve used meditation as practice in the pats and it definitely helped in keeping me focused and relaxed.

I’ve been practicing meditation with the app Balance for about 3 months and it’s made a huge difference for me. Can’t speak on how it’s affected my sexual performance yet but on a day to day basis it makes life much easier.

I’m hoping that i am able to use the skills i learn from meditation for help my performance when it comes to sex. I hope that i am able to regulate my thoughts better and stay in the moment instead of letting my anxiety control me and my body