If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

I’ve tried meditation before through yoga practice and for anxiety/depression. It’s REALLY hard to shut my brain up. The best I got was focusing on a singular thought or picturing a colour for a few minutes, but I always could feel the thoughtcar highway bustling in the back of my brain.

Improve concentration and not let any other thoughts creep in

I’m not sure I’ve done it enough to be able to say it had an effect

I’m hoping to attempt opening my mind to this as I am sceptical yet mildly optimistic I guess ?

I have never tried meditation, but I’m really interested to see how it goes

I am hoping that mediation will lead to a calming of my inner critic so he could fade away and not pop up at the most inopportune moments

Started meditating 3 months ago, I love it!

I have not tried this meditation but very keen to give it a try to see what it is all about and maybe it can help me understand some of my sexual issues and get me back to where I wish to be

Meditation has helped me to stay present with the difficult emotions arising in my body, taking responsibility for them and not letting them spiral or spill onto others

I woudl really like meditation to help with anxiety

I’m hoping I can do it at all.

I adore meditation!

Meditation is huge for building a self of confidence that you have some power over your mindset and just getting a moment to relax and live in the moment.

It helped me feel calm in the past…

I’m hoping to learn how to deal with stress and anxiety, and keep myself focused and relaxed in what I do best.

Definitely made me feel calmer and more relaxed. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to turn it into a daily habit, but the couple of times I’ve managed to fully relax into it, I woke up and felt a profound sense of relaxation and focus.

When I used to meditate, I used to feel very calm and more organized and less heavy after each session, it’s like my mind gets clearer!

Slowing my racing thoughts.

I’m new to meditation. Hope it helps me to rid myself of all the negative feedback.

Meditation helps me stay more in the moment, and keep an overall relaxed state during the day