Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

Worried why I won’t get hard. Felt like something wrong with me. It should be very easy to get an erection. Felt better after I relaxed. Did get semi hard once and when it went down it felt like life had drained out of me

Thought it was going to say something, but the more I touched and really grew curious about it, realised it didn’t have anything to say

Thought how I always just touch it the same way everytime… wanted to see what that dude was talking about when he said silks lol

Inner critic was more gentle than usual, since I allowed myself to be soft. I was able to relax a bit and just approach the situation with curiosity

I noticed that I wasn’t really sensitive to my own touch. Felt pretty numb all over. Started to think about the need to trim a bit and neaten up the area. Started to think about how big and loose my balls were. Although the exercise wasn’t to get hard I couldn’t help but think that 10 minutes of touching it should have made it get hard.

It was normal for me to touch my penis and keep looking after him, I thought about it’s so interesting to see what it’s going on with him and how fast you can get him hard with touching and not have to worry to get soft again

The inner critic was embarrassed, shameful it said my soft penis was pathetic when it was growing a bit, like a silly attempt to do your duty.

I then got a sensation of tightness, like a wound near the base of my penis, on the underside which stayed for a bit then slowly went away. I also felt some nerves in my belly, like a slight anxiousness.

Fist thought was hey little guy. I guess the feeling of inadequacy is rooted. But I became more comfortable as I continued.

I was surprised that I was getting firmer than I was expecting because I didn’t want to get hard for the purpose of the exercise. Then the thoughts came that if my wife and I have sex later that I will only get semi hard and/or come without a full erection.

Annoyed that I couldn’t get fully hard - how is someone else supposed to


Inner voice said that I have to get it fixed and Its a fixable issue, I have to see this through. Also thought of the confidence I’d have if it gets fixed.
Fear kicked in for a while of being a failure but then I abandoned the thought and tried to boost myself up to get the issue fixed.

I started getting a bit hard when I thought about the girl I want to have sex with but then I stopped thinking about it to get it back flaccid (following the instructions). Then I again started to think that I have to get this fixed anyhow. And how the confidence boost of getting it up can change my life.

Just that it’s fine other than the fact that it doesn’t work when I need it to. I was circumcised as an adult and had struggles with a recurring HPV wart which makes me think my penis has been through the wars a bit

Immediately started thinking I should be getting aroused quicker because I am touching it.

Inmer critic goes back to the points where I was with a girl and was not able to get it up. But If I change the thoughts away from those situations i Do get an erection within 2-3 minutes with the exercise.

Concerned about why I wasn’t getting an erection touching it.

At first I was pretty anxious to get it aroused. But toward the end of the 10mins I started feeling a bit more comfortable with it.

I was aware that I was thinking, this is just training myself to getting used to having a soft penis, especially when I had to stop if it got hard. I felt that was counterintuitive - surely I should want touch to make it hard? This felt like I was training myself to stay soft even when being touched.

That I could not even get an erection so I’m not man enough

Definitely notice sensations. Can feel the tingle through my penis and body as I gently touched my dick. But no hard on.

While touching its a nice feeling but my critic does think well why aren’t you getting hard, your dick is broken