Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

I found there was a critical voice saying “why aren’t you hard, you should be hard, you’re a failure for being soft”. The awareness that this was just a critical voice allowed me to observe how mean that voice is. And it allowed me to talk back to it and I felt the critic getting quieter. Interesting exercise that I will continue experimenting with

Inner critic definitely thought I should be getting hard even tho I wasn’t, it was already putting pressure on me to get hard even tho the point was not to and accept it and enjoy it!

My inner critic was telling me it was foolish. Why was I doing this? That’s not what my penis is for. I think this has likely impacted my performance anxiety by making me feel like my penis is useless unless it’s hard.

Why can’t you get hard

Why aren’t I getting hard?
This reminds me of when I’m soft during sex and I can’t get it back up.
Other men would surely get hard by this.

This penis is always soft at the wrong times.

Am I supposed to play with it but not get hard? The video is kind of misleading.

At first I was thinking it wouldn’t get hard but I was suprised when it started to perk up. After a minute or two it became quite hard :slight_smile:


The first thing I thought about that Penis is useless when it is soft.
And I kept thinking how could a soft penis satisfy a partner when they want it inside !

My penis started to get hard and my inner critic said to me that why can you get hard not and not during sex. It picks all the wrong times

Look at how small I am
It never got hard with the fact I was thinking of

The critic started off by calling my dick a failure but actually it shut up fairly soon

it was weird. like i was touching my dick and just observing it and i just started thinking about my girl and how i want to please her and i got hard. it took a second but i can tell that this kind of pleasuring is going to be something that will let me have a much healthier relationship with my dick

Probaly where Iv heard my cirtic the most

I did wonder if I should be getting hard. I felt a bit like I was spectatoring even while I was soft - examining my penis instead of exploring pleasure. I liked the exercise - I’ll do it again to see if I get a little more out of my head while doing it.

My inner critic didn’t really well up. It was mostly a strictly curious and hilarious exercise between me and lil bro. I think I’ll do this much more often to become more comfortable with our relationship, both in sexual and non-sexual situations.

I don’t like my flaccid penis. I’m fine with it, but it’s small so I’m not very comfortable with it because I don’t want someone else to find it gross.

Small, undesirable, ugly, unsatisfying

I did feel like ‘I have a soft penis, and if I was having foreplay this would be bad’. But I see how doing this repeatedly helps.