Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

It was saying: what’s the point in this, look you’re still not getting hard, this is how hooking up usually goes

Remembered past experiences when during sex I went soft. I thought of my penis as dead, as a piece of lifeless flesh. I thought it was just a piece of my body. I felt anxious and felt numb.

I looks bigger in the mirror than I thought.

Was very negative talking about how ugly it is and small, and wishing it was bigger and could get harder erections, started picturing first time sex with a love interest and felt ashamed and anxious, imagined her being disappointed in my size and not being able to get it up and in before I got soft again

It looks weird, why would anyone like to touch it

Thought that I should have been getting hard or was expecting an erection or at least a semi

The inner critic said I won’t get hard doing this anyway

Not getting hard

I thought: If I were a horny girl and I have to work with this, I wouldn‘t be very exited.

Reminded of the days when I was insecure about my d size and I gues i heard a voice telling me that it looked kinda gross but I’m sure it looks normal. Also realized kinda started to see him as my partner to many of my future battles so we must start getting along

I was having a hard time explicitly avoiding an erection. I actually appreciated my penis and noticed things that I usually don’t whilst I’m hard

My critic said that I’ll disappoint my partner if I can’t get hard, and that I probably can’t keep an erection. And that I couldn’t even keep an erection alone. In these moments I felt my anxiety spike.

When I noticed these thoughts and anxieties, I told myself to relax and to feel. Don’t focus on performance. I instead thought about how I want to feel with my partner - I want to be lost in the moment, only feeling her close to me. And I knew that if I can focus on that, everything will be fine.

It was easy to get hard when I wasn’t really trying

I’m tired

Is it smaller then average? Could it give more pleasure to my partner if it was another shape or size? I should probably manscape. Kinda looks like a living worm

My inner critic said ‘no one will want your little baby dick and you shouldn’t let anyone see it like this(soft)’ … my inner critic is a bitch and is wrong lol

I started n it got hard, let it go back down started again but simply keeping an open mind to the exercise, started to think won’t if it won’t start to get hard again but it did n longer to get back down rested this for some time, till there was no more voice

My inner critic was telling me how inadequate my penis is. Those thoughts are maybe a starting point of where my trouble with performance begins.

Started thinking what would happen if someone else started touching it or even sucking it and If I would get hard

I noticed the inner critic reverting back to a time when my penis has been soft before trying to have sex and trying to make me feel anxious about the situation but relaxing and not listening to it, not expecting to get an reception helped and I kept getting an erection during the exercise