Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

That I should be getting hard

It was saying “I wish I could get hard” even though that wasn’t the point of the exercise.

I’m small when soft. Grower not a shower

Guy in my head was like dude you play with your soft penis daily. I’m real familiar with my soft dick

The lack of stimulation seems about the same as sex. Perhaps too much sex over time leads one to feel less sensation and so of course not enough stimuli during sex will feel much like getting it ready to go then abandoning the whole damn thing.

You only have enough for 1 round

Wtf am I doing?

It was honestly a long time to be playing with my soft penis, and at a few points I felt like it was lasting too long, but by the end I wasn’t quite ready to stop.

“Shouldn’t you be getting hard?”

It made me think back to times when it didn’t work and I was left with a soft penis during sex.

Why is it so easy to get hard like this but it fumbles the ball when it’s game time

why is it not getting hard

I’m unsure exactly but I think it was saying; “so it’s getting a bit hard but not fully, it won’t get fully hard”

You can’t get hard

What good is a soft penis

Started criticizing the way it looked. Got angry when it became partially erect.

This feels numb, I should be feeling more electrifying, I should get hard with all this stimulus, this is a small penis, there is no blood getting to my penis, why is that

Felt too weird tbh.

Inner voice: it’s okay looking. But it isn’t impressive hard or soft…

Started easily getting hard after a couple minutes, and inner critic said “why wasn’t it that easy when you were with her last night?”