Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

That if I don’t fix this soon I’m gonna be alone

It said, look, you can’t even get a hard-on, this thing is useless. And this is only going to get worse.

My inner critic was saying look at that pathetic little useless dick. Helpful things like that.

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It was saying, albet very softly, “what if this therapy thing doesn’t work?” “What if you spend hours doing this shit every day, and then it still doesn’t improve?” It’s very clever in how it chooses to undermine me.


I had a problem keeping it soft so I tried to leave it alone then continuing. The voice spoke about size but I was eventually able to start to feel ok with my size.

More so critiquing some aesthetic aspects. But also thinking positively about others

How small it is

Telling me it’s pointless

Say that he won’t give up!

Felt in complete control and the big guy and I have now developed a relationship

This is all well and good but when it comes to having sex this won’t work

It said something like “yeah this still won’t help because i’ll forget about it or something when the time comes”

You’re getting hard a bit but this isn’t hard enough to have sex and although it’s okay now it won’t be when sex happens.

The more relaxed I got, the easier it was to shut out that inner critic.

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You’re not even getting hard when you play with anymore. You’re not going to be hard enough to use it during sex, for sure.

It was saying “sure you can get hard when nobody is watching, but when it counts?” It’s the uncertainty that kind of messes with me

It said that there’s no point on doing it because it wouldn’t help me regain confidence

it said no one will be attracted to you

It was weird. I did feel the inner critic sensations raising but not as strong as how it used to be… I would say that it was a confused as me. Almost as if it was ok but different the thing that I was doing.

I’m still trying to find the critic, it’s sneaky