Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

Why does it take so long to get hard?

It spoke on the fact that I was standing in my room in the dark for a little over 10 mins fiddling with myself in a way that wasn’t meant for me to start jerking off but just stand down in a way between being soft and being hard

I understand that it’s to be done more than once though so hopefully the experience goes down a bit easier on repeat but for now it was one of the more awkward things I’ve ever done

I noticed it bringing up specific trigger points from past encounters when I couldn’t get it up.

concerned that i was getting hard, then when i got hard it told me you’re supposed to be soft. Then when I get soft, it told me im supposed to be hard and this is what the cycle was like. When I got semi erect it told me that’s how it’s going to be during sex.

I need to get erection and make this soft penis to become harder asap

As soon as I tuned into the critic, actually forced it to show up, I was astonished at the immediate loss of blood flow… Like before I’d even finished acknowledging its arrival. I was astonished how quickly it happened. A real testament to it’s power.

I wasn’t sure if my sensations were right or if I was doing anything right, I didn’t know how it should feel

I felt the inner critic more than heard him. I felt anxious at the beginning of the exercise and started thinking about getting hard. I became semi hard and soft throughout the exercise but tried to ignore the inner critic and did the deep breathing exercise. About half way through I began to enjoy the sensation of exploring my penis and appreciated it for what it was and the pleasure it could give me. I think I usually connect my penis being soft with something bad in a sexual situation, alone or not. However I can see how this exercise leads to acceptance of a soft penis as something natural and capable of giving pleasure.

I found trying not to get hard by touching my penis had an opposite effect. When I did get hard, I stopped and tried to watch it as it went soft, sometimes I noticed it beating like my heart was pumping blood into it and then my inner critic was like “you know that won’t last!” When it got soft again, i would explore again. Sometimes it would go partially chubby, and the inner critic would be like “how long do you think this would last if it was inside a woman? How long until it would feel like you are pushing rope?”

Inner critic was going at me for the size and why it wasn’t growing due to the activity, I felt more okay with it as it got towards the end, like it’s a part of me and it’s good the way it is

inner critic was telling me this is how you are when your with girls

It was a semi most of the time, couldn’t go fully hard or fully soft so didn’t feel fully in control

Honestly I was just getting mildly aroused, so I had to take a few breaks. I mostly thought of situations where it would happen to be soft and wouldn’t be able to feel anything good in my penis.
I tried the affirmations, and that was really lovely I think those could be good to try when a situation arises.

Mostly my inner critic extended to other men I know who I might have been projecting some criticism onto in my own head. Like “oh yeah, no one can get hard from this, it’s completely impossible for me as well then” (even when I’ve seen so many having zero problems with it… damn that voice is dumb

Just started to tell all the things that are not good about my pensi. Which in reality are not even true.

It says that you wont satisfy your partner even when you’re hard. So soft or not, it isnt really gonna change anything!

I’ve never had anyone tell me it is too small and a number of guys have commented on how thick it is, but for whatever reason I always think it would be better if it was bigger, esp when soft.

I started getting concerned that I should be getting an erection and then when I didn’t get an erection my inner critic told me I wasn’t able to and was my penis was a failure

“There’s something wrong with you”

Didn’t notice

Sometimes when I’m totally unarouused and soft my inner critic chimes in that I’ll never get aroused. Despite the fact that I prove it wrong often