Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

Inner critic said I wasn’t good enough. That I’m not big enough. That I’m going to fail anyway. I flicked him away and visually punched him.

omg you’re not hard!

Inner critic said penis should just get hard. Also criticised my body. Then felt the sensation and got hard. Not thinking about turn on and sex. Just touching. And looking. And thinking about what it was like soft and I got hard.

That I should be getting an erection then some normal life anxiety

Inner critic told me that as soon as i was in a situation where i would actually need an erection this would not have an effect

It doesn’t look right, it doesn’t feel right. More should be happening right now.

Asking myself why I get soft

Why is your penis so dry and not sensitive? Why isn’t it bigger? Why isn’t it get harder as I touch it?

Pretty much telling myself if it’s out I should already be hard but it’s ok to not just be hard starting out my penis works.

All i could mostly think was. “Why aren’t you getting hard?”" What’s wrong with you?"

My inner critic was focusing on things it thinks are “wrong” or “subpar” about my penis; size, texture, etc. The biggest thing I realized is that I often get mad at that I’m circumcised. I think that if I wasn’t, I’d have more sensation and be able to stay hard, cum more easily, and enjoy sex more. I think that telling myself this and feeling regret (though I had zero control over it) is impacting my ability to perform and get hard. I also think that my inner critic comes out and makes me feel ashamed to be a grower rather than a shower. I feel like my penis is average size when hard but extremely small when soft. This makes me self conscious in locker rooms, at pool parties, and when I’m going through foreplay. When I guy sticks he hands down my pants, there isn’t much there at first, which makes me feel inadequate and keeps me from getting hard.

I got hard but my inner critic said it won’t happen in a real sex situation.

I started the exercise and started to get hard. Well
Instantly my inner critic started yelling at me because it was supposed to be a “soft” penis exercise not a hard one. I did enjoy feeling and learning though. I have experienced a lot with my penis over the years but have never really zeroed in on any issues.

got worried about not feeling my finger on the penis, thought i dont get any sensation down there and thats why it doesnt work but i just relaxed and focused and started to feel every sensation

The inner critic only really came up when I started to get hard because it betrayed the exercise a little bit. But there were moments where I felt really present and that was fun.

Shouldn’t you be getting hard?

You can’t get hard

The critic was saying all other men would be rock hard if they were touching it like this and you’re not.

Just jealous thoughts. Evil things I put into my own head.

It reminded me of fact that it’s SO SMALL when it’s soft. Also my ex turned up in my ahead accusing me of being weird :man_shrugging: