Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

What bud someone saw you doing this? Wouldn’t that be weird? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed?

I was actually having a good time where my penis was naturally going semi and hard i think i was in a horny mindset. Plus having these comforting and relaxing thoughts definitely did make me feel comfortable and more arousable

That I need to shave better and use more moisturiser

When doing the exercise, any time my penis would start to get hard, by inner critic started to chime in as if to tell me that playing with it is the only way to get hard. I found myself having to completely start over the moment any thought came back into my head

My inner critic was saying that I can’t stay hard during sexual encounters.

The inner critic was concerned at points over the lack of sensitivity when I was touching it. Thankfully as i relaxed that sensitivity came back a little, and certain textures on my hands proved much more noticeable than others

When I got semi hard, my inner critic was like why are you not getting really hard. As soon as i stopped touching by semi hard dick went soft instantly and my inner critic was like that is going to happen when I do it in real life with a partner

My inner critic is saying that i am relaxed now because im not with someone else, because if I was, my dick wouldnt raise up and i would be a failure

I started getting frustrated that I was getting hard when I didn’t want to and that I’m not getting hard during sex when I do. I also started to want to masturbate and got frustrated with myself and worrying it would ruin the exercise. I had to take breaks from touching and started to observe how frequently erections come and go which was actually a bit of a relief. It tells me it’s easy to get an erection after all when the conditions are right and I’m comfortable.

Touching my penis - inner voice was saying, “why aren’t you getting hard?”

Just wondering why I wasn’t getting hard.

You’re not getting hard fast enough at all!

it said that its not normal looking, it should be hard, that its not big enough, etc.

They impact me big time cuz if I can’t be confident in my penis I can’t be confident in my performance

That looks a little unimpressive?
Is it getting older and less impressive?
It needs a trim

i should be getting hard. Why isn’t this making you hard? You’ve got a dead dick.

I should be getting hard as I’m touching myself, but some pleasurable sensations also

My inner critic question why I don’t get hard like that when my partner touches me, especially when I wasn’t
even trying to get hard I was actually trying not to get hard. In a critic said that I should be able to do this and get hard when I’m with my partner, and why is it such a struggle to get hard with my partner when I got hard just by touching myself and not trying to get hard.

Started to get a little bit hard and I thought - “oh great, now you’re getting hard, not when I need you”

No inner critic thoughts. Mostly just focused on the visuals and sensations.

With the touching my penis wanted to get hard so I stopped playing with it, and it went down again so I played softer but it went semi hard