I slept with her but we chose to not have sex and it worked!

So this girl and I had sex in the first and second date. And we decided to not have on the week of the third week. So we could connect emotionally. Although she invited me to sleep last night. Her birthday was the next day.

And we had the greatest of time. We made out and my erection was through the roof. And also stayed super long. The important thing is it happened just by kissing. Which would have been really hard just to get it on by her doing oral sex to me.

I did just a full day of pelvic floor exercises. Did meditations and affirmations. Also box breath.

In conclusion, I believe I created a positive association for the actual moment we have sex. Like: “look it was super good if you just relax and feel, it’s possible. It’s not physical”.


On the week of the third date*


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Amazing, isn’t it!?

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