I cum 2 fast bruh

so the other day me and my girl had sex for tha first (both are first time having sex eva) am i lasted a good 30-45 seconds shi was lowk embarrassing cs my boner went down 2 how tf i fix ts

Bro why are you here :skull: it’s your first time ever having sex :skull::skull::skull: Thats normal keep fuckijg and exploring I’m sure you’ll last longer


As I got older, and my body is 100% disabl

Time and military disability forced me to change to change fucking as I knew it.Medication, sex toys, and 2 of my favorite ones, a vibration and a dildo in my ass. The result of these life changes is I am bisexual.I love pussy, but I also love dick. Specially, I love to suck dick.

What is this thread XD