I can’t take it anymore

I’ve been facing problems with erections for almost 5 years. I’m 28 years old now. It started during a very bad ending of a 4 year relationship and I’ve never fully mentally been able to get over the erection problem. I know I’ve moved past all those emotions but the anxiety over sex still exists. I can’t take it anymore; at points I wonder what’s the point of even still living. It’s crippled my image of myself as a man.

My girlfriend has been very patient with me but you can only expect it to last so long.

It’s hard isn’t it…we are taught that so much of our self worth is connected to particular things to then been manly, masculine and good enough.

Have you looked into therapy? Acceptance and Compassion therapy helped me a lot in these areas


I have looked it but in the couple of sessions I’ve had the therapists want to explore depression and talk about anxiety in general
Which I can understand but I end up feeling like what I’m actually there for is not addressed

Did your therapist help with acceptance and compassion therapy? Or was that something you figured out on your own

The only type of therapy you should consider is CBT therapy, and Mojo kind of tapes into it in some exercises. I would suggest you look into CBT therapy since it focuses on your thoughts and behaviors and not on your past that you cannot change.