How was exploring an audio erotic story?

It didn’t do much for me. The accent and her belittling of the barista’s occupation were turn offs for me

It was fantastic very different now good story

It was enough, very arousing.

It wa too long for me

it was to long for me also

It didn’t do much for me. Maybe I need to give it more of a chance

Think I need to give it more of a chance… too focused on imagining real people in my life for it to work.

This particular one didn’t do much for me, but I will explore some different ones to see if it works

It was interesting. I feel like being comfortable with dirty talk is something I’ve always struggled with, so it was a bit weird at first to get into the fantasy. I feel like I find dirty talk very cringy, but definitely something I need to get over. I also had to make sure I was already very relaxed before I could really get into it.

I think as men we are so used to the visuals that we forget the build up to sex, the conversations that lead up to it. This was an interesting and novel experience for me and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I think it’s important to try to immerse yourself in the story to get the most out of it, relying more on the imagination. I’m definitely going to explore more auditory erotica


Deeper story lines of infatuation /crush to surprising sexuality.

Wonderful ASMR. It’s long, but the build up to the sexual interaction was erotic and fed into my imagination/visual. A pleasurable experience that did more for me than I had anticipated before listening. Would love to hear more stories that build on emotional connection and mutual empathy between a man and a woman.

Wow. Something I’ve never tried before but will definitely try enjoying in the future.
I appreciated taking a step back and trying something out of my norm

Very good alternative, rather in depth.

Well I mean how can I say it, it worked. I’m on my own when using the app and I don’t have issues keeping it up when I’m on my own anyway but always used visuals when on my own. This was the first time hearing this audio kind of stuff but yer, it works.

I have a really strong foot fetish, so I worry that is “corrupting” how I think about sex. I don’t watch regular porn with people having sex, only videos with women’s feet in. I prefer them clothed actually!

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I’m not really into flings. I get more aroused when she shows genuine interest. Sometimes that itself makes me feel less masculine. Like, I’m supposed to get hard when any hot girl simply smiles at me.

this is the exact same thing for me

bodily sound effects in the stories

Not really into either of that stuff