How to continue making progress in a busy house?

Like I said, I’m in a busy house now with family and friends visiting me. How to keep on making progress?

Just tell them that you need time for yourself. If you don’t have any quiet places at home, take your car and go somewhere. You surely have a quiet spot close to you where you will not be bothered by anyone. You will come back happy 30mn later and everyone will be happy for you. If they ask questions just say that you had to meditate a bit to be in phase with your inner self again.

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He can’t do the penis play in his car somewhere

Mate, just do it when you wake up of a morning, everyone else is still asleep and if they do get up they’re not gonna walk into your room if they think your asleep.

Do it then, you’ll be fine

There are a lot of other things to do than the “penis play”. It’s not the only way to progress. Your way of helping is more likely to add frustration than to relax him.

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True, but if you were to do the course phase by phase it will come up in a course (I guess he could skip it) but if he skips it it’s only meditation type stuff - so he could do that at home, without needing to go out?

Meditation & breath work should be fine to do for a few mins?

I can’t meditate when I’m not alone personally. I need calm. In a busy house it can be difficult.

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If you need space for any exercises like sensate, soft penis or wax and wane, 5 senses, you can do these in the shower or take a bath. I found them really helpful to do in there to help be present and not let mind wander (I used to do all my thinking about the day/life in the shower)

May not be able to do the full 20 minutes etc every time but it’s better than not doing.
I found it really helpful to do these in the shower every few days.


How you all doing in shower? Please tell me

Hey mate,
Pretty much the same way I would as if I was laying on the bed, sitting on the couch etc. it’s just that the shower can give you that space to do it in a regular daily activity to give you privacy in a busy house where you may or may not be worried about what family/housemates might be wondering what you are doing.
I also found it good when I didn’t have say a good 30 or forty minutes to do the full program of exercises that the app gave me that day.

I used to use my shower time to think about my “to do list” and worry stress about life etc and just went through the motions of washing and sometimes a very quick wank to release tension and stress.

Since I started using the exercises I try to be present every time and use it as a type of sensate exercise (if you are at the phase you will know what it is). Pay attention to how it feels washing as you wash yourself slowly, how does the water feel running over you, feel the soap suds running down your body. What areas feel nice when you wash different parts slowly and softly. When you wash your junk or touch around that area does your fight/flight click in. I found that as soon as I started washing my balls and penis I could feel my pelvic floor flick in then I could do a reverse kegal to practice that. Essentially pay attention to what you are doing try to not let your mind wander, wash yourself slowly and sensually, to notice new sensations.
It’s amazing how you start to feel and notice how different parts of your body feel and respond. Connecting mind and body feels good. You will be surprised at how quickly you get clubbed up. Now that I have progressed through the full program on Mojo I am adding in some fantasy and mindful masturbation.

Hope that helps mate.

*chubbed up not clubbed