How do you plan to simmer?

Longer, more frequent kissing and touch. Using the time in the sofa to touch gently and be close. More frequent messages of affection during the day

been doing it for years . either great.

We‘ll see. Maybe by visualizing a fantasy of mine… i‘d like to experience a threesome with the woman I‘m dating rn as she’s fond of the idea too. And I‘ll cook for her and surprise her with tasty treats.

I’m in a long distance relationship for 2 years now and we have serious sexual life issues.
I want to send more messages with small things I find hot about my partner. Send pictures of me well dressed, showing off some of my body (nothing naked), drop hints during calls etc

The thing is I already do so many of these things lol

I’m on fire the whole day already

I’m going to imagine more scenes with gym boys

Been with my girl for 6 years now, and we always been in love with each other but we do have hot and cold moments, sometimes we cant get enough of each other and other times i get vibes i annoy her or she has other things on her mind etc. Maybe this will help

Touch and kiss. Say sexy cute nice compliments.

Single here, unfortunately. I’d like to do a lot of texting and touching tho.

Going to try this with a new girlie I’m talking to. I’m worried when the time comes I’ll fold but I can’t think that way. Looking forward to getting past this

This is tricky… I think the role of fantasy needs to come into play for me…

I like the idea a lot.

I’m very affectionate and very touchy feely with my wife of 21 years. I never thought of it as simmering, but I think there is always room to turn it up a notch. It’s quite an insight that this type of practice can increase one’s libido; it’s an even greater insight that our libido can vary wildly! I realize this is natural as we get older, and more simmering in a relationship can help to overcome libido inconsistency.

More romantic texting. Longer kissing. Be more flirty

I feel like I’ve been doing simmering techniques my whole marriage. But, it’s oftentimes been in desperation to keep any sliver of libido I have left going. But, I want to frame it differently, so that it feels better.

This was a problem in my last relationship my girlfriend would never compliment me or say she was attracted to me
She told me she had never needed to tell a guy these things before
I’m single now and it doesn’t seem like it will work for me

Kisses with hands
Stroking during tv
Longer hugs
More eye contact
Better messaging

Telling my wife exactly how I feel about the turn ons but more importantly also my turn offs. And also in my free time fantasize doing the same more

Continue to tell her she’s gorgeous and drop playful hints through the day - reinforce the idea that I want her and she’s attractive