How do you plan to simmer?

Being single I will think x rated thoughts with potential partners

Time to day dream…I mean sex dream!

Tell my wife how hot she is more often, and how I get turned on thinking about her. Embrace the clunkiness which will definitely be there at first, and make it a regular part of us.

I like the idea of passionate goodbye kisses or comments throughout the day. My wife is turned on by gentle touch so I can also give her little massages in the mornings and evenings.

I will tell the girl I’m seeing that she is very attractive and gets me hard, and that I can’t wait to have sex with her :smirk:

I need to spend more active attention on our interactions instead of just existing in each other presence. Taking better care of myself to feel confident in his presence, appreciating the little things he does verbally and engaging in more little romantic touches

Solo through fantasy and possibly w someone who I am interested in but mainly solo

Imaging scenarios with people I’m attracted to

Hourly reinforcement, per the instructions. Sounds fun!

Longer kisses, pull her in for a huge that says I love her, massage without grabbing her nice ass, tell her I enjoy being intimate with her.

I need to be more proactive in Showing my gf how attracted to her I am. I need to initiate contact more

Id like to take time to reflect on what I see and actively recall it.

Sexual fantasies that involve women I’m curious about

I’ll do it solo first, then with him

Surprisingly, my partner and I are amazing at simmering! Our verbal and physical playfulness is beyond compare. The desire and intrigue is present… now if I could focus more on the sensation of the playfulness, rather than my erection concern… all would be well.

Be more intentional with physical contact, compliments, and sending random notes that I love her and desire her.

Be more active in the simmering. Sometimes it’s a one way street from my partner.

I’ll make sure to give deeper kisses especially leaving for work in the morning and coming home at night. Also pull her in for a long hug more often.

Try and be more aware of any body sign when fantasising

Notice when I get turned on throughout the day and fantasize and focus on that