How do you plan to simmer?

Imagine sexy past situations

Tell her more that I am attracted to her, by doing so and getting reciprocal feelings it will both turn our sexual temperatures up

Iโ€™m single but I guess I need to work on my imagination and stimulate my own arousal

I think my wife and I do a lot of this already, but thereโ€™s always room for improvement

Single, so I think a good plan would be to try to incorporate sexual fantasy throughout the day, and try to masturbate to fantasy more often

Iโ€™m not living with my partner, so when I see her next time, Iโ€™m definitely going to kiss her more passionately when I see her, and not just save the passionate kisses for the bedroom.

Solo simmering im just going to think of past sexual relationships that i found very arousing

Touch, look, kiss,