How do you plan to simmer?

Imagine sexy past situations

Tell her more that I am attracted to her, by doing so and getting reciprocal feelings it will both turn our sexual temperatures up

I’m single but I guess I need to work on my imagination and stimulate my own arousal

I think my wife and I do a lot of this already, but there’s always room for improvement

Single, so I think a good plan would be to try to incorporate sexual fantasy throughout the day, and try to masturbate to fantasy more often

I’m not living with my partner, so when I see her next time, I’m definitely going to kiss her more passionately when I see her, and not just save the passionate kisses for the bedroom.

Solo simmering im just going to think of past sexual relationships that i found very arousing

Touch, look, kiss,

Investing in the relationship, listening, being affectionate but not sexual, but letting some sexual, sensual flirtyness enter our dynamic helps us simmer together. I catch myself being defensive in the relationship, so letting go of that helps us connect together as well and just laugh at our challenges.

We have just naturally done this for a long time. It’s been a great part of our relationship. My issue is that I’ve relied on external stimulation too much to increase my libido and desire. I know it’s taken away my “real” connection to my partner. I desperately want to feel that my desire starts and ends with her without relying on porn or some external fantasy.

Low and slow is the way to go :hotsprings:

More teasing yet intimate physical contact. Flirty messages throughout the day.

Be more explicitly sexually complimenting

Kiss her neck, rub her feet, lightly, scratch her back,

Solo simmer with thought

Playful gommrntsKiss?

I’m single and luckily I don’t feel like I have an issue with Libido. But I will give the solo exercises a go :slight_smile:

Be more sexually suggestive with my partner


Trying to remember some of my most passionate sexual experiences. I recall most having a lot of simmering moments that led to very wild and long nights of sex.

Being more open about when I am attracted to my wife and complimenting her. When I glimpse at her changing or doing something I find attractive, I’ll make sure to give a longer glance… and get “caught”!