How do you keep the sexual flow going?

In general if I lose my erection I turn my focus to her. Sometimes this ends our encounter because I may have already gone down on her and she has orgasmed from that so we both want penetration at this point.
She will try to give me head or play with me to get me hard again. I have never thought of taking the attention away from my penis and shifting it to another part of my body. This will be something we try and implement in our next encounter that this occurs.

Talk about something else, get my mind off things but continue playing with my dick

I like when constant foreplay is on my penis leading up to penetration. I also like it when it’s dark and/or my eyes are closed and it starts without me knowing. That way my erection didn’t go away cause it’s still in foreplay mode and by the time penetration starts, I’m already successfully in with an erection which boosts my confidence immensly.

Embrace the smell and touch of my wife’s body. Hone in on how I am feeling everywhere not just my penis. Enjoying the experience

If I do lose the erection, or can feel it’s losing its hardness I take myself out of the position we’re in and start to use my hands more to regain the erection. Again moving to spectating

By usually receiving head and trying again.

Continue foreplay and masturbate or oral

Absolutely no negative talk.
Words like “never” or “always” need to disappear from a couples vocabulary when it comes to the subject.

Girlfriends commentaries we’re affecting me mentally more than l was accepting to myself. However once l acknowledge that fact and communicated to her she was understanding. Thins have self talk is becoming more positive and things are improving.

I try to keep looking at her, and subtly grab the condom and bring it closer before I have to penetrate. When she is distracted with oral or something else.

She can continue to give me head while slipping the condom on making the transition seamless.

Focusing on their pleasure turns me on-especially if they are vocally responsive

One way we keep the sexual flow going is my partner will give me oral while i get the condom and put it on, that way we can just hop right into it.

Maybe we watching porn and just masturbating together first.

More focus on the partner relieving my anxiety - hard to ask though sometimes because I feel like I haven’t been providing for herb

Rather than pausing to do the (erection-killer) ‚thing‘- turn it into an erotic activity- order her to do it so it turns me on

I would like to try just getting to it and try to keep it going and start satisfying them. I feel like if I wait to long then it might go away quickly

Issues mainly start for me with a new partner, but I find if I make them orgasm prior to penetration then it takes the pressure completely off and I relax and then can enjoy everything and things work

Touching is key, even if it’s just passive while we’re getting lube and poppers

A combo of oral sex and vaginal sex is my favorite. Those two combined make for a good night!

I try and focus on staying in the mood. Visualizing how amazing it’ll be and feel.