How do you keep the sexual flow going?

We make out and that gets me erect but after we go into the penetration that is when my penis will start to lose hardness and becomes soft

I haven’t gone back to use them yet but have asked my partner to put it on me next time and maybe give me fellatio

I usually don’t, if something doesn’t work or I’m too in my head I will just give up and feel ashamed and upset with myself.

I try extra four play but I will try some of these tips with the condom.

Well, you’re asking the wrong guy, but if I could do it perfectly, I would say incorporate a lot of kissing all over her body to sort of keep me in the moment, and experience those sexy sensations.

Sometimes talking when things hit a lull or I’m not “quite ready” and don’t want to start convincing myself it won’t work. We talk to each other in between kisses…things like how much I want her, what we’re going to do, how amazing she feels.

Get her to unwrap and put on the condom, because If she struggles it’s okay, it’s funny, it takes the embarrassment off of you.
She can run her fingers gently over your body, and as you feel that tingly sensation you’re keeping you mind fixed on something other than the task at hand.

I think taking breaks helps me sometimes. For instance, if I can’t get it up, or lose the erection when putting on a condom, it sometimes works to help her get off with my mouth or fingers and then try again later when I’m aroused again. There’s definitely a pressure to get them off, so sometimes if that’s taken care of before penetration, it makes it more comfortable for me.

I love making out.

The sexual flow for me comes with increased trust. You share, you feel, you feel genuine affection, you lose yourself to sensation and hunger. But I just have to get a feeling of this person has my back.

flow in the moment stems from breathing, seeing, feeling, submitting to the senses… good luck its a nice place to be.

Stay connected to my partner through touch noticing the noises they’re making my breathing any smells

Humor, play a game, incorporate some toys and kinky foreplay.

Kissing, touching and body contact, eye contact

Kissing and touching my partner normally sees my erection returning if I lose it during the transition from foreplay to intercourse.

Having the condom within reach… possibly already opened before starting foreplay. Then I can put it on really quickly when I get fully hard. Reducing the pause to a minimum

By kissing.

i think there are a lot of intimate things one can do in the bedroom without having or needing an erection, so i like to focus on those when times like this strike

To be honest I’m bad at this, gray area when switching positions or going from foreplay to sex I tend to get in my head

dirty talk and maybe getting out of my head and into my body. I am finding it hard to do though

Kissing keeps my mind on the routine of sex